Best and Worst Selena Gomez Songs to Download on Mp3Juice

Are you curious to know the best and worst Selena Gomez songs? She has proven herself as a big figure in the world of pop music.

The young superstar began her career in music in 2009 with her band Selena Gomez & the Scene, with whom she made three top-ten studio albums, while gaining a reputation as a Disney Channel favorite on “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

She launched a formidable solo career after the band members split up, with three albums: “Stars Dance” in 2013, “Revival” in 2015, and “Rare” in 2020. She’s also released a slew of dance music collaborations and one-off tracks over the last few years.

Some Lists of Best and Worst Selena Gomez Songs

To come up with the 10 best and 10 worst songs of the singer’s career thus far, included tracks from her recent album, based on lyrical quality, production value, and critical reaction.

Best and Worst Selena Gomez Songs

1. Lose You To Love Me

The raw simplicity of “Lose You to Love Me” is its beauty. Gomez’s power as more than a pop singer who generates catchy radio singles is demonstrated by the fact that she chose a ballad as her comeback anthem, dropped it in the middle of the week, and it flew to No. 1.

The arrangement is simple and straightforward, allowing Gomez’s personal thoughts to show through. Some are scathing and accusatory (“You replaced us in two months / Like it was easy”), while others are mature and thoughtful. Despite the fact that it is highly personal, many sorrow victims will find themselves in those lines.

2. Bad Liar

With “Bad Liar,” Gomez created something utterly new and deliciously intriguing, following the Disney pop of her early career and the former Disney star all grown up vibes of 2015’s “Revival.”

The fact that it’s sparse, shimmering, and strange is the whole purpose. Nothing Gomez has ever released sounded like “Bad Liar,” and it didn’t sound like anything else either.

3. Fetish

The song’s spectral, unhinged visuals add to the song’s power, as if Gomez was meant to dance around on her dining room floor and curl her tongue in an eyelash curler.

“Virgin Suicides” has the appropriate tone for her. We’ve grown to expect former child stars, particularly those in the music industry, to assert adulthood by embracing sensuality, but Gomez defies expectations by giving hers a horror film or Shakespearean tragedy vibe.

4. Hands to Myself

“Hands to Myself” is the biggest success of Selena Gomez’s first capital-A album, “Revival,” her first since switching from Disney’s Hollywood Records to Interscope — and her first as a true sex symbol.

However, unlike many previous pop singers, Gomez doesn’t merely weaponize her sensuality and confidence; “Hands to Myself,” with Max Martin’s glittering production, is a cheeky power play that makes seduction look pleasant and effortless.

5. Dance Again

Gomez has a history of having trouble writing non-annoying dance anthems. Excessively EDM-flavored songs dominated her early career, the majority of which seemed like glittery clothes she was offered to try on. She’s had success in recent years when she avoids that temptation and defies radio trends.

Gomez defied convention with “Dance Again,” a song written specifically to make you want to shimmy and groove, and it succeeds – not just well, but irresistibly. You’re probably not much fun at parties if you don’t at least bop your head to that sparkling 70s bass line in the chorus.

6. Love You Like A Love Song

The song “Love You Like a Love Song” is delightfully campy. It revels in its own Eurodisco weirdness, as illustrated by its eclectic karaoke-themed music video.

Because of the song’s ostensibly romantic premise, Gomez sounds bored, almost mechanical, which is precisely what makes it work — it’s like a love song, but still not quite.

Well… What do you think about the best and worst Selena Gomez songs above? By the way, you can enjoy those songs on mp3juices to access them freely. 

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