Colok Naga Benefits can be Calculated on the Official Togel Site

Colok Naga Benefits can be Calculated on the Official Togel Site

Colok Naga – One of the attractions of the game on Kiostoto Togel official site is the promising opportunity to win. By playing in just a few minutes, lottery players can get double the betting capital paid out. There are different types of bets in the lottery, one of which is the colok naga. There are 2 types of colok naga betting, namely 3D and 4D.

In this case, the calculation of discount and profit is not the same between 3D and 4D. If you want to calculate how much profit you will make after playing one of these types of markets, the trick is to pay attention to the difference between the two types of dark toto.

So here you know how big the wins and risks are when you choose to bet on this dragon plug in both 3D and 4D. However, colok naga is very different from the type of bet in general. So sometimes a player gets the excitement of the differences caused by the dark toto.

So this time, to help you calculate the amount of winnings and calculate the discount, we will explain the details in more detail. This way, you can know how to transparently count online while playing the dark lottery on the official lottery site.


Colok Naga 3D Discount Calculation

There are 2 types of dragon pins, namely 3D players guess 3 numbers, 4D 4 numbers. With the 3D dragon plug bet, the player receives a discount that is calculated from the nominal stake. The 3D dragon plug discount is 10%. This means that if the player buys a figure worth Rp. 10,000, the amount paid is Rp. 9,000.

So they got a 10% discount. The more bets you place automatically, the more you benefit from a large discount here too. For example, if you place a bet worth IDR 10 million, you only need to pay IDR 9 million.

This means that you can save up to IDR 1 million by placing a 3D dragon plug bet online. The more bets that are placed, the greater the profit. But this, too, is directly proportional to the risk. You shouldn’t be placing much if you are not really sure about the bet.

3D Price Calculation

The prize awarded if the player wins a 3D bet from the official lottery site is 26 times the face value. This value is quite large for the benefits of online betting. For example, if a player buys a 3D number worth Rp. 10,000, the profit is multiplied by 26 if the estimate is correct. The total payment is profit plus capital.

That means the number of calculations here is quite large. Because bets that are worth 1 million Rp. Can be paid out up to 26 times, plus the discounts of the online Togel Prediction Party.

Example of a 3D Total Profit Calculation

The payouts that players receive in 3D dragon plug betting are very promising. The total profit can be calculated transparently with the formula (bet 26) + (bet discount). Example: 3D bet of IDR 10,000. If you win, the payment received is (Rp 10,000 × 26) + (Rp 10,000-10%).

Received a total of IDR 260,000 + IDR 9,000 = IDR 269,000. This means that if you win a bet on the official lottery site, the profit with a capital of 10,000 rupees is huge. / Aha

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