Demo Arising Phoenix Slot: Display and Features 

Demo Arising Phoenix Slot – The Phoenix is a mythical bird that first burns to ashes in Greek mythology, but then miraculously rises from these ashes to begin the cycle of life all over again. Because of this, the Phoenix is a fantastic main character for a slot game. After all, who hasn’t felt scorched only to find some wilds and a big jackpot to help them survive another day?

A flame-haired beauty will likewise emerge from the ashes of previous romances to make you fall in love with her and this slot adventure, in which you can win a scorching-hot two million coins. This is just one example of how creators Amatic cleverly connected the notion of love to the demo Arising Phoenix slot.

Flaming Hot – Display 

The Wild Phoenix is to the right of the reels in this game’s HD graphics, while our lovely flame-haired protagonist is to the left, against a backdrop of a starry sky. But this scorching hot slot’s 5 reels, 20 windows, and 40 paylines are where you’ll truly want to see both personalities.

Demo Arising Phoenix Slot

Only three flaming-haired women on a payline will net you up to 2,500 coins; four will net you up to 10,000 coins; and five will net you a sizzling 50,000 coins. If our Phoenix Girl fills all 20 windows, you could earn up to 2,000,000 coins, but that’s where this game might burn its way into your own soul.

Neither do the other prize symbols, which include gold and ruby rings that can pay out up to 20,000 coins and the rare, ice-blue feathers of a phoenix in peril, which can pay out up to 15,000 coins. Even the highest payouts for the poker symbols from 10 to Ace are respectable and range from 5,000 to 7,500 coins.

Don’t Get Burned – Feature

Any slot online game with a gamble feature makes it simple to become overly greedy, so consider your options carefully before jeopardizing any winnings from the turn of a card. The chances of your money tripling, though, are entirely acceptable. If you properly estimate the color, you will receive a simple 50/50 chance to double your money and will leave with twice as much money.

Go Wild

The Phoenix itself serves as the game’s Wild Feature, and when it emerges from the ashes and lands on the reels at the same time as four matching symbols on reel 1, the Re-Spin Feature is activated. When there are no more wins to re-spin, the wheels will keep turning.

It’s also a simple game to stake. Select 10, 20, 30, or 40 lines to gamble on, then click the Bet button to place line bets ranging from 1 to 50 coins. This will enable you to spin the reels for anything between 10 and 2,000 coins each time.


Demo Arising Phoenix Slot definitely lives up to that Mantra with that amazing two million coins up for grabs, so it will probably keep rising from the ashes time and time again to find its way into many slot-play portfolios. Amatic has really set their stall out to attract big-pot hunters with the design of their games.

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