Fortune Dogs Slot Review: RTP 98% (Habanero)

<strong>Fortune Dogs Slot Review: RTP 98% (Habanero)</strong>

If you are looking for the Fortune Dogs slot review, don’t worry! You can find it out here! This game is a standout among Habanero’s most promising titles, and we think you’ll agree. 

A slot machine that promises a 98% RTP over the course of its lifetime, it will combine a cute cartoon dog theme with a Chinese style to create something truly unique.

A Brief of Fortune Dogs Slot Review

In addition to the high RTP mentioned earlier, Fortune Dogs has a lot to offer. It also features 5 reels that spin with 243 ways to win and large payouts. 

This is accomplished through regular combinations, as well as several fixed jackpots that can reach 502x the total bet. It makes an impression with its double or triple symbols, free spins, and bonus games, all of which work together to make it a highly prized game for slot machine players.

1. Betting Options

It’s unusual for a game with 243 ways to win to require betting with multiples of 18 coins. The 18 bet lines are fixed, but the player can change the number of coins and the coin value to modify how much they’re worth by changing the bet level.

The fixed jackpots described at the top are the ones most likely to pique the player’s interest among the rewards promised in Fortune Dogs. You get them by playing a bonus game, and the best one pays 502x the total bet for that round. 

We also know that the RTP for Fortune Dogs will be set at 98%, which is one of the better figures currently available in a slot machine. It’s also a high-variance game, so expect big payouts when they do appear.

2. Game Features

One of the more intriguing aspects of Fortune Dogs is a mechanic that includes symbols that double or triple in number, allowing you to form winning combinations with many more symbols. 

This is only possible with the Dog symbols, which also pay out more. It’s not a brand-new feature; we’ve seen it before in various slot machines. This can be thought of as a kind of multiplier that is applied to your winning combinations in a 243-way slot.

In Fortune Dogs, you can also play free spins, which can be triggered by scatter symbols as long as there’s enough of the right kind in view.

To win one of the fixed jackpots listed at the top of the screen, you must first play a bonus game. The hidden icons in the bonus game will reveal one of 4 kinds of coins when you uncover them. You get the prize if you get three coins of the same type. Payouts can be as high as 502x the stake.

3. Design and Theme

In Fortune Dogs, the theme is particularly odd. Habanero, the game’s developer, chose a dog theme for its characters, which are designed as cartoons with a Chinese twist. 

In the background, you can see buildings with Chinese writing on them, and the dogs are dressed in Chinese outfits and hats. There are various dog breeds, as well as bowls, Chinese food, and 4 card suits.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion of the Fortune Dogs slot review, we believe you will be interested in what this slot gacor game has to offer. We expect it to be quite famous among players because it is a high variance game with a 98% RTP and good graphics.

Source : Slot Server

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