Why Gambling is Addictive? Be Aware

What is gambling?  Just hearing the name, we can already imagine what kind of game this is. Gambling is a game that involves betting money in it.

People think they will collect a lot of money from gambling, without realizing the bad effects of gambling that gambling is addictive, for anyone involved in it, and it is one of so many other negative effects.

Now the gambling that is circulating is not just offline gambling which is usually played like the old days. Currently, there are many types of modern gambling circulating, including online gambling.

Some examples are: online poker gambling, online domino gambling, situs slot gacor and many others.

Gambling is considered a bad and disgraceful act in society because it is something that is prohibited by the government in any country, you gambling is the same as you are against the existing law. You could end up imprisoned with a heavy penalty.

Indonesia is currently at the top of the list when it comes to online gambling. This can be seen from the bad effects of gambling, one of which is that gambling is addictive.

This is in stark contrast because apart from the government already prohibiting it, in any religion it is also forbidden to come into contact with gambling. So sad.

Gambling at the Beginning

Gambling in Indonesia has existed since time immemorial. Even in the Mahabharata story it is known that the Pandavas lost their kingdom and were finally banished in the forest for 13 years as a result of their defeat in gambling against the Kauravas.

The first form of gambling circulating in Indonesia was cockfighting. This gambling is a gambling that was widely played by the people of Indonesia when the government was still led by the VOC. At that time the VOC even imposed a tax on those who gambled on cockfighting. This is a sign to us that the VOC government allowed gambling to circulate at that time.

The first gambling establishment in Indonesia was the gambling house owned by Souw Beng Kong. In fact, along with developments, it was not only cockfighting gambling that existed at that time, but card and dice gambling began to develop.


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Gambling is addictive that is so overwhelming to a person that it makes very difficult to stop. Because of one of these effects, the government and religious leaders throughout Indonesia officially prohibit their followers from approaching gambling.

Many people still believe that they can get rich and easily get money just from gambling, even though this is clearly a wrong assumption. No one becomes rich just by gambling.

For those of you who really want to quit gambling to get a much better life in the future, then nothing is impossible as long as you really intend to.

You can do this by looking for more positive activities such as looking for a side job if you still have free time compared to gambling. Remember that in addition to losing time, you also lose money.

You will lose all your money which in the end can make you poor. By looking for a side job means you get money that you can save for your life in the future

One of the following ways that you can do is to cut off friendships with those who are still involved with gambling. As you know that gambling is addictive, if you become friends with gamblers again, surely you will be addicted to gambling again.

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