How to Find RTP on Slots: A Complete Guide

Learning how to find RTP on slots is the most important part for all players. In the world of online slots, knowledge is power, and one crucial piece of information that can greatly influence your gaming experience is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. 

Knowing how to find the RTP slots can help you make informed decisions about which games to play and how to manage your bankroll effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through various methods of uncovering this essential data so that you can enhance your slot gaming experience.

How to Find RTP on Slots: A Complete Guide

Before diving into the specifics of finding the RTP on slots, it’s essential to understand what RTP is and why it matters. RTP stands for Return to Player, and it represents the theoretical percentage of total bets in a slot game that is returned to players as winnings over an extended period. 

For instance, if a slot has 99% RTP slots, it means that, on average, for every $100 wagered, players can expect to win back $99. The remaining 4% is the casino’s house edge.

RTP is a critical factor for players because it provides insights into the game’s potential profitability and volatility. Slots with higher RTPs tend to pay out more frequently, making them a better choice for risk-averse players. On the other hand, slots with lower RTPs might have bigger jackpots but lower chances of hitting them. Now, let’s explore various methods on how to find RTP on slots.

how to find rtp on slots

From Online Slot Review Websites

The first tip on how to find RTP on slots, online slot review websites are a valuable resource for players looking to find the RTP of specific slot games. These websites often provide detailed information about various slots, including their features, themes, and, most importantly, their RTP percentages. To locate the RTP of a particular slot, follow these steps:

1. Visit a trusted online slot review website.

2. Use the search bar to find the slot game you’re interested in.

3. Navigate to the game’s review page.

4. Look for the RTP percentage, which is usually displayed prominently.

These websites not only offer RTP data but also provide valuable insights and ratings from experienced players, helping you decide if a particular slot is worth your time and money.

From Slot Forums and Communities

Another tip on how to find RTP on slots, slot forums and online communities are excellent places to interact with fellow players and gather information about various games. 

These communities often have dedicated threads or discussions where players share their experiences, strategies, and, of course, RTP data. Here’s how you can use slot forums to find the RTP on slots:

1. Register or log in to a reputable slot forum.

2. Use the forum’s search function to find discussions about the specific slot you’re interested in.

3. Read through the discussions and look for posts or comments that mention the game’s RTP.

These forums are not only informative but also provide an opportunity to engage with other players, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the slots you want to play.

From the Slot Game’s Paytable

The next tip on how to find RTP on slots, most online slot games include a paytable that outlines the various symbols, payouts, and bonus features. Some paytables also display the RTP percentage of the game. To find the RTP in a slot game’s paytable, follow these steps:

1. Open the slot game you want to play.

2. Look for a button or icon labeled “Paytable” or “Info.”

3. Click on the paytable to open it.

4. Scroll through the information provided to find the RTP percentage.

While not all slot games include the RTP in their paytables, it’s a convenient method for discovering this information when it is available.

From the Developer’s Website

The last tip on how to find RTP on slots, slot game developers are often transparent about the RTP of their games. You can typically find this information on the developer’s official website. To locate the RTP on a developer’s website, follow these steps:

1. Visit the website of the slot game developer (e.g., NetEnt, Microgaming, or Playtech).

2. Look for a section or page that provides details about their games.

3. Search for the specific slot game you’re interested in and check for its RTP percentage.

Game developers take pride in their creations and are usually keen to share essential details like RTP with players, ensuring transparency and trust.


Understanding how to find RTP on slots is a valuable skill that can greatly impact your slot gaming experience. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can access this vital information from online slot review websites, slot forums, paytables, and the developer’s website. 

Armed with the knowledge of a slot game’s RTP, you can make informed choices, improve your odds of winning, and tailor your gaming experience to your preferences. Remember, when choosing a slot to play, a higher RTP often means better chances on how to hack slot machines with phone, so keep that in mind as you embark on your slot gaming journey.

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