Mad Cars Slot Review: RTP 96.39% (Push Gaming)

Mad Cars Slot Review: RTP 96.39% (Push Gaming)

Are you curious about the Mad Cars slot review? Basically, the main feature of a car is to travel from point A to point B and then back again, with perhaps brief stops at points C and D along the route. 

Some people view cars as souped-up vehicles coated in spikes and machine guns that participate in what is known in the wastelands as the Mad Race, like the punks in Push Gaming’s post-apocalyptic online slot Mad Cars.

Who knows what this means for the game’s characters, but for players, Mad Cars is an exhilarating slot online machine loaded with Instant Prize symbols, Boost Reel & Boost Reel symbols, and a Mad Bonus feature where hot rods award prizes when they successfully cross the line.

Summary of Mad Cars Slot Review

Because the two games have a lot in common, we’ll probably talk about the Money Train series a lot in this review. 

The setting of the game, a dusty, sepia-toned image of future aridity with a windmill, can be compared in one way. In a deserted industrial area, tumbleweeds drift past damaged vehicles as barrels strangely hang from metal buildings. 

They can be ornaments to liven up the space. If so, they are unsuccessful in their mission because Mad Cars slot review seems like a harsh place to make a living. 

Although the nature of the apocalypse is unknown, Push Gaming has done a fantastic job of making the aftermath appear both bleak and like a fun location to try your luck alongside some punk petrolheads.

1. RTP and Volatility

By selecting a stake of 10 percent to £/€100 on any device, users metaphorically turn the automobile key. With 50 win lines blazing across the board to land winning combos, it is played on a 5-reel, 6-row panel. 

The action is rather turbulent, as many may have anticipated, and the maximum return to player value without buying a bonus is 96.39%. Alternative models with market-dependent dips as low as 88.49% would be worth keeping an eye out for.

2. Paying Symbols

Line wins in Mad Cars slot review happen when 3 to 5 matching symbols land on a payline starting from the far left. The first set of symbols pays five times the stake for five of a kind and includes traffic cones with knives through them, spanners, steering wheels, and spiked dice. 

Four character symbols pay 20–100 times the stake for five symbol winning lines, and they become crazier the more valuable they become. Wild symbols are not used in Mad Car, but there are still a number of other symbols to discuss.

3. Game Features

One of them only appears on the bottom row and is the Instant Prize Car icon, which displays bet multipliers ranging from 1x to 100x. It is possible for the grid to have multiple Instant Prize Car symbols. When they cross the top row, they reward their value. 

When another Instant Prize Car symbol crosses the top row, they are either deleted or remain on the reels until they award their prize. Scatter Car symbols may also appear at random on the bottom row of reels. 

The Mad Bonus feature begins when the Scatter Car crosses the top row. The 10x the bet immediate reward amount associated with the Scatter Car symbol cannot be multiplied.

Boost Reel

At the top of the grid is a special row called the “Boost Reel.” The boost real might show Multipliers, Gas, Multiplier & Gas Combo, Survivor, or Blank spaces on each base game spin. If there is an Instant Prize Car symbol, boost symbols are triggered.

Mad Bonus Feature

When a Scatter Car symbol crosses the top row in this feature, 7 free spins are given. Regular pay symbols are taken off the reels and replaced with a total of 5 Instant Prize Car icons in the bottom row. 

One additional Car symbol is placed to the bottom of the reel and one additional free spin is given when a Car symbol crosses the top row.

Bonus Buy

To access the four-option bonus buy menu, click the star icon, if it’s there. A Persistent Payer is promised from the start for 301x the wager with the Payer Bonus, and a Persistent Collector is guaranteed from the start for 456x the bet with the Collector Bonus. 

These bonuses can be purchased here. The Mystery Mad Bonus feature, which costs 624 times your wager and offers the chance to win one of the previous alternatives or one that has a Persistent Payer & Collector from the start, is the fourth option.

Final Words

Depending on the source, it is reported that Formula One drivers lose between two and three kilograms (kg) of water weight during a race as a result of the strain that competing at the highest levels imposes on their bodies and the effects of dehydration. After everything was said and done, playing slot demo gacor Mad Cars had a similar feeling. 

Hey, nobody said living in a post-apocalyptic world would be simple. If Mad Cars slot review is any indication, it will be a thrilling world where anything may happen, full of potential thrills and spills – but not simple.

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