Important and Must Know Parts of the Ship

Important and Must Know Parts of the Ship

Ships are one of the modes of transportation used for sea travel. Using a ship there will definitely be a special sensation where we will be on the water.

For that, it is necessary to have a good ship structure component so that we can be safe.

There are several parts of the ship which are important and must be present in supporting the success of the ship in sailing. In general, this section has the same in all types of ships. Ranging from simple ships to large ships used for transoceanic travel.

If you look at the ferry or ships used in various local waters, both of them have something in common, so it is not surprising that these parts of the ship have the same characteristics.

What distinguishes it is the part of the door that is used for landing and as a route for passengers to enter and exit. In addition, other differences can be found in the berthing pattern that will later anchor to the pier, whether it is a special ferry pier or not.

Important and Must Know Parts of the Ship

To better recognize the characteristics of the ship itself, it is necessary to know the parts of the ship that will certainly be useful. What are the different parts of this ship which have different forms and functions?

Get to know the hull

What is the hull of a ship? The hull of the ship can be said to be the hull of the ship. The hull of the ship is the most important part for the ship because it is the main component for a ship so that it can be used properly. Usually this part has buoyancy so it is useful to keep the ship afloat on the water and not sink. The construction of the hull of the ship itself must be arranged in such a way and to minimize friction with water, especially for types of ships traveling at high speed.

To make a ship stable, it is necessary to design the hull with various considerations. Starting from the stability of the ship, the load of the ship which will have an impact on the mass of the ship, the speed of the ship, the size of the ship, to the use of fuel on the ship. Don’t forget to pay attention to the condition of the pier waters that will be used to anchor this ship. This consideration is considered important to ensure that the parts of the ship do not rub or run aground with the water surface conditions that are too shallow.

Varied Hull Shape

The hull which has an important role in the process of using this ship has various forms. This is adjusted to the use of the ship itself so that it will be more efficient in its use. What are the various forms of the hull of this ship?

A flat hull ship

The most popular type is the ship which has a flat hull. This type of vessel will usually be used in calmer water conditions at relatively low speeds. Its use is in deep water areas or not in the high seas. This type of flat hull can be found on this type of tankers. The barge on the boat is smaller. This is related to the stability of the ship’s cargo to be lowered

Type of stomach catamaran

The next type of hull is the cataraman hull type. These parts of the ship are one of the important components because the cataraman hull has a higher stable value compared to other types of hull. This will lead to better stability and can certainly be used for higher waves. This causes the ship to not easily sway when there are waves.

Hull V on Ships

The shape of this one hull is called the V hull because of its shape that resembles the letter V. These parts of the ship have the advantage of saving fuel, so that usually this V hull is found in many high-speed ships. When the ship uses this type of hull, it can be fast and fuel efficient.

Ships with hull tunnels

If you will see a type that is similar to a cataraman then you can choose a tunnel type hull. This hull is used in order to minimize friction between the ship and water. Ships of this type have sharp angles and are useful for easier maneuvering of ships.

Pontoon Hulls on Ships

One type of hull that is also often used is the pontoon hull. This pontoon hull has the advantage of stability where the stability value is very good. The ship using the pontoon hull is easy to operate because it uses a simple engine. This outboard machine is easy to use by pulling it out with a cable and can be used to cross rivers. This type of hull is less suitable for long-distance crossing.

The skin of the ship

The ship must have a certain surface. These parts of the ship are one of the components which are usually composed of steel, wood, or aluminum plates which are connected to the track in the hull itself. Some call it a ship shell. With this ship skin, it will certainly make the ship even more durable. There are several functions of this boat skin. What are you doing?

Ship Skin Functions

In general, this ship shell has a function to strengthen the structure of the ship where the layers help the ship’s components remain solid. With the longitudinal strength of the structure on the ship, it can be useful for receiving loads on the ship. Another function of this usable ship shell is to close the waterproof layer from the bottom so that water will not enter the hull.

Later, there will be ship skin lanes that have an alphabetical mark starting from the base lane. Furthermore, there is a plate connection with a number sign from front to back. Currently, this ship’s skin has used a variety of modern and up-to-date materials, the parts of this ship already use glass fiber or fiberglass which is more durable than other types of leather. It will certainly make the ship even stronger.

Collision Partition on Ships

The next part of the ship that could be found was the collision bulkhead. Usually this collision bulkhead will be installed 5% of the length of the ship, calculated from the start of the bow of the ship to the waterline. Then add 10 “at the end. Meanwhile, the function of this bulkhead is to prevent leaks in the ship. In addition, it can be used to strengthen existing transverse structures on the part of the ship.

When the ship experiences a leak, this bulkhead will serve as an alternative to sailing so that it can keep going slowly. To make this bulkhead, it must be made thicker and attached to the front. Don’t forget to also provide the steel elbows that are installed in this part of the bulkhead.

Part of the keel of the ship

One of the parts of the ship that must have existed was the keel of the ship. The keel of the ship is one of the components under the ship. This keel has 3 parts, namely the basic keel, gastric keel, and also the straight keel. Later the basic keel has a thickness of approximately 35 percent of the surface of the skin itself. Meanwhile, the hull hull has a protective function when the ship is leaking so it requires a size of up to 1/3 the length of the ship.

Then, the straight keel was fixed upright and the plinth was 5/8 thicker than the thick keel and also 4/10 of the vertical keel in the middle. Thus, the ship can be more stable.

Every type of ship which operates is also required to have ship safety equipment. This is done as an precaution in case of an unexpected incident on the ship. Various types of ship equipment and safety equipment are currently also sold online, such as on the site as an example.

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