Popular Types of Online Gambling

Popular Types of Online Gambling

Popular Types – Seeing today there are many kinds of online gambling, it makes it easier for many people to access dangerous sites. Yes, online gambling is not only dangerous religiously but also poses a danger to your security in the IT world. This is what causes gambling games to be avoided. Talking about popular, one of one popular sites online slots is Aw8.

Popular Types of Online Gambling in Indonesia

In Indonesia, according to law, gambling games are grouped into 3 things. Anything? Here is the review.

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1. Casino Group Gambling Games

Gambling games that are included in this casino group are gambling games that are played in a gambling place such as at agen judi togel. The types of games that are often played at casinos include beccarat, blackjack and other games. This game is a very popular game played in casinos abroad. In Indonesia, this game is a game that is widely played in online gambling places. Today, there are also many non-casino online gambling games such as various types of sports. This is also a type of game that is not allowed to be played in Indonesia.

2. Gambling Game in the Crowd

Gambling games that are played in a crowd are a way to call a gambling game that is played in a place with a group of gambling players. This type of gambling game is a game that is widely played in Indonesia. This gambling game is mostly done in a closed and hidden place to avoid being raided by the police or grabbing the citizens.

3. Habit Gambling Game

In addition to gambling which is included in the previously mentioned groups, there are also gambling games which are grouped into gambling games because of habit. Gambling games because of this habit, for example, are gambling games that are involved in habits such as cockfighting, buffalo fights, cow races and many others.

Prohibition of Gambling in Islam

As mentioned earlier, gambling is one of the things that is not allowed either in Indonesian law or in Islam. Gambling games are games that are prohibited in Islam based on the views of the verse AL Maidah: 90 below.

“O you who believe, verily (drinking) alcohol, gambling, (sacrificing for) idols, drawing fate with arrows, are among the actions of the devil. So stay away from these things so that you will get good luck.”

In the verse above, gambling is included in the same verse as drinking wine and making sacrifices to idols. As we know that these things are forbidden and considered unclean. It is even stated that these things are things done by the devil and should be avoided. That way it doesn’t need to be explained anymore, isn’t it about gambling law in Islam? Because it is clearly unclean and is one of the things that is forbidden. / Dy

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