Wild Tundra Slot Review: RTP 95.7%, High Volatility (Red Tiger)

In this following Wild Tundra slot review, you will know how the game works so you can get your big winnings. Red Tiger has rewound the clock a few thousand years to a time when temperatures were much colder than they are now, so grab a thick cap and scarf for this one, players. 

It’s fascinating how, in this apparently modern era, a cold snap can shut down public transportation and send people fleeing for the warmth of their homes. People were a much tougher breed back then, sheesh. 

Without the benefit of an electric blanket or a onesie, humans banded together in caves, hunted, gathered, and eked out a living against the odds. It’s enough to make us moderns shiver in our peppermint lattes at the thought of it.

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Wild Tundra Slot Review: A Unique Slot

Let us join Wild Tundra’s chilly realm with an appreciation for comfort. On a 5-reel, 4-row game panel, players come face to face with a variety of dangerous animals. Didn’t we say anything about the cold? 

Well, one more time, because dang it looked cold back then, and the base game takes place in a freezing cave with cool prehistoric artwork, while the free spins bonus round takes place on a snowy tundra. 

While Wild Tundra isn’t a National Geographic film, it does have a wholesome historical natural world vibe going on, and even better, it has comparably wholesome features.

1. RTP and Volatility

Wild Tundra is one of Red Tiger’s most challenging slots, with visually appealing graphics and equally appealing numbers. If very volatile math models are your cup of tea, that is. Stakes of 10pc to £/€10 can be placed to produce a potential return value of 95.7%. 

The comparatively low maximum bet, as is typical of Red Tiger, indicates high volatile, high potential gameplay. In this case, your stake may be worth up to 10,484 times what you bet.

Wild Tundra Slot Review

2. The Pay Symbols

Wild Tundra offers 30 chances to win by awarding wins when matching symbols occur in any position on adjacent reels from left to right. Five stone 10-A royal blocks worth 0.3 to 0.6x the stake and five premium animal tiles make up the pay symbols. 

Prehistoric-looking deer, saber-tooth tigers, bears, rhinoceros-like beasts, and wooly mammoths are among the creatures. If you get five premiums across the reels, you’ll win 0.6 to 3 times your bet.

3. Slot Features

Wild Tundra doesn’t have a wild symbol, instead depending on super symbols, a cascading wins system, and symbol substitutions in free spins to make up for it.

Super Symbol

Super symbols are a version of all symbols that come with a multiplier based on their size. On each spin, just one symbol type may occur as a super symbol. 1×2 super symbols have a 3×3 multiplier, 1×3 super symbols have a 5×5 multiplier, and 1×4 super symbols have an x8 multiplier.

Chain Reaction

All symbols that make winning combinations are removed from the reels, allowing new ones to fill in the gaps. When no new winning options exist, chain reactions come to an end.

Free Spins

Landing three scatters awards nine free spins, with each additional scatter awarding one additional free spin. One pay symbol (not the mammoth) is randomly selected for the symbol change feature at the start of free spins. The mammoth changes into the specified symbol whenever it is hit. 

Furthermore, three scatters on the reels during the bonus provide +3 extra free spins, plus one spin for each subsequent scatter on the reels. When it hits, another symbol will be chosen at random to convert into the mammoth. 

The win multiplier, which starts at x1 and grows by +1 after each wins up to a maximum of x20, is the final benefit of the bonus round.

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Final Conclusion

Before diving into Wild Tundra, consider this: everyone reading this article is directly linked to the hardy men and women who survived the ice age over endless generations. Of course, this is assuming that science is correct. 

The DNA of those brave humans who braved wild creatures, famine, battle with other warbands, and adverse weather in order to flourish and breed still runs through our veins.

Weird thinking. It’s also fascinating to speculate on what our planet’s surface will look like in 40,000 years or so, and whether we modern bipeds will be capable of facing our own unique challenges, or will we wither away like the untold number of species wiped out by nature and the never-ending struggle for survival. 

‘Evolution did not finish with us developing opposable thumbs,’ as Bill Hicks put it. Finally, that is daftar slot online terpercaya Wild Tundra slot review.

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