Make Money Sports Betting

Make Money Sports Betting

If you want to make money from sports betting, then you need to first understand that, contrary to popular belief, there are a ton of people who are successfully living off of their sports betting earnings.

Now it is true that a majority of sports bettors lose; however, this is often because they lack the most important element that is required to be successful.

There are many different factors that go into becoming a successful sports bettor, but the ultimate way to make money in sports betting is to have discipline.

You can have the greatest system/strategy in the world but if you lack the discipline to implement that system properly, it won’t matter.

Having discipline means doing what needs to be done and avoiding what can be avoided in sports betting. This includes proper money management, betting different amounts based on your bankroll/Sklansky edge, and betting only when you have a known edge.

Make Money Sports Betting: The Art is in Management.

Like the stock market, the sports market is all about Structure, Adjustment, retention, and reinvestment. Your edge is what sets you apart as a winner.

The ultimate edge is found in a consistent money management system based on an edge.

The other is to bet different amounts depending on your bankroll. The closer you get to your bankroll the less the bets, and the further you get away from your bankroll the more you should bet.

You should bet different amounts depending on the odds you get on a game. You should never bet money that you need. Make big money playing on situs slot online which will bring new experiences for you.

Your Bet Should be a Percentage of Your Bankroll

This may seem confusing to the casual observer because it forces you to make the decision of how much to bet on a game. The system used in various types of sports betting is set up to help the bettor to bet a fixed amount.

The amount the bettor bets is directly related to the size of the bettor’s initial bankroll. The bettor’s edge is the advantage gained by the Black-square system in Blackjack.

When the bettor is using the Black-square system, he is playing his wager at thirty percent less than the true odds. The bettor is always going to win some games, but the Black-square system will give the bettor a 2 to 3% edge in the money that he is betting.

When you use the system, you should bet on the side known as the squares. The squares are the numbers in the sequence that are most likely to show up.

The black squares are the ones used in the payoff chart. When you change the point, you should bet on the opposite side.

You should always bet on the money line. Placing the bet on the squares is just taking the risk of the casino having a 2 to 3% edge over you. So, especially in the online slot machines, an understanding of the online casino slots guide is necessary.

The squares are hard to predict and a lot of times there are three or more squares that are likely to show. This depends on the number of squares on the wheel as well as the layout of the casino.

The mentally tough games are the ones that you should have the best control over.


For most people, horse racing is a difficult sport to handicap. They have a difficult time betting on the horses and can end up guessing a lot. Horse race handicapping is a profession unlike other professional sports such as football and baseball.

The handicapper is usually paid a fee for his services, a percentage of the winnings is a good profit center. That is why some people do better with other handicapping services.

Lastly, like betting in a roulette game, if you want to make money from betting, you should understand the system and rules, as well as the casinos where you want to play. Choosing the right online betting casinos like MPOAPI or Bovada is the beginning of your money-making in betting. Good luck! / Aha

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